We offer the following premier product lines:

For many years now, we have represented the following manufacturers of high quality, innovative and leading edge products.

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AAF | Flanders - Michigan and northern Indiana

With the acquisition of Flanders Filters by American Air Filter, AAF Flanders is now the leading filter manufacturer in the US and will create the largest company of its type in the North American and global air filtration markets. AAF Flanders designs, manufactures, markets and distributes air filters of every type, from furnace filters all the way up to high-tech filtration housings and filters used in advanced cleanroom spaces as well as related products which are utilized by many industries, including: commercial heating, semiconductor manufacturing, ultra-pure materials, chemical, biological, radiological and material processing, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, synthetics, nuclear power and nuclear materials processing.



Air Monitor Corporation - Michigan and northern Indiana

Recognized leader in providing equipment designed to measure and control airflow, space and building pressurization in commercial, industrial and power industries.



Aircuity - Michigan and northern Indiana

An airside efficiency company providing building owners with sustained energy savings through its intelligent measurement solutions. By combining real-time sensing and continuous analysis of indoor environments, they have provided owners with lower operating costs, improved safety, and more energy efficient buildings.



Envirco - Michigan and northern Indiana

Innovators in Clean Air TechnologyTM, Envirco manufactures many cleanroom products such as clean benches, bio-safety cabinets, laminar flow stations and their well-known Mac 10 fan filter unit.



Munters - western Michigan and northern Indiana

World manufacturers of air conditioning systems for industrial and commercial environments that require reduced humidity levels.



Phoenix Controls Corporation - Michigan and northern Indiana

The recognized leader in the design and manufacture of precision airflow control systems. Phoenix Controls products are used extensively in laboratories, R&D facilities, vivariums and medical buildings. Their Celeris, Theris or Traccel systems are designed to meet every industry's needs.



Precision Air Products - Michigan and northern Indiana

Precision Air Products has established its niche in the laminar flow industry by developing a core competency in the area of custom design and engineering expertise for critical environments. They offer the best solutions, above and below the ceiling, to meet both room aesthetics and functional requirements within critical zones.



Strobic Air Corporation - Michigan and northern Indiana

The Tri-Stack exhaust fan systems have become synonymous with quality and reliability. They work quietly and efficiently to eliminate air pollution, control odor and comply with environmental standards. Their new "Smart System" will reduce energy costs and carbon footprints.


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