Our testing, certification and maintenance services include:

Whether you need immediate service, on-going maintenance for your systems, upgrades, or a complete installation and start-up, Quality Air Service can provide the skilled labor you require.

We have a large group of technicians that allows us to provide service for both small and large jobs, as well as the flexibility to handle multiple projects simultaneously.

Our technicians are supported by an excellent and knowledgeable sales team and administrative staff, ready to assist in providing pricing, scheduling, billing and other support services.

If you are looking for experts in any of the areas listed below, don't hesitate to contact us. We can visit your facility, discuss detailed information on our services and technicians, and provide cost estimates.

Quality Air Service can meet your needs in all of the following areas:

Biological Safety Cabinets - Class I, II & III (NSF Accredited Certifier)


Using our state-of-the-art, calibrated test equipment, we perform certifications on all brands and models of new and existing bio-safety cabinets. We test and certify the air velocity as well as the installation and integrity of the HEPA filter, to the manufacturer's specifications, NSF guidelines, and customer requirements. We also provide any required repairs and decontamination where needed.

Work can be done on a time and material basis or under contract and scheduled on a regular recurring basis as requested by the customer.

Clean Air Benches, Laminar Flow Equipment, & Incubators


With the critical need for a sterile environment in areas such as drug preparation, sterile manufacturing, sterile packaging, and animal facilities, it is important that clean air benches, laminar flow equipment and incubators be tested and certified on a regular schedule to meet federal standards and customer requirements.

We use proven test procedures and calibrated equipment to test the air velocity and HEPA filter integrity of these types of equipment. Repairs and filter replacement are part of our service and will be handled quickly, efficiently and most cost effectively for our customers.



We have the ability to test and certify all types, sizes and classes of cleanrooms. Whether your area is aseptic or not, our trained technicians can take care of your needs with their extensive background in gowning and both aseptic and non-aseptic procedures. Our services include:

  • HEPA filter integrity testing
  • Airborne particle monitoring
  • Air flow and uniformity testing
  • Room pressurization monitoring
  • Smoke pattern testing and video recording
  • Temperature, humidity and lighting levels
  • Air change rate calculations
  • Upgrade recommendations

Work will be performed per customer's guidelines and industry standards. Complete, detailed, computer-generated reports are provided with all testing documented.

Fume Hoods


Laboratory fume hoods provide protection to laboratory personnel and laboratory environments by preventing contaminants such as chemical vapors, dusts, mists and fumes from escaping into the lab environment and potentially harming the lab personnel.

Our personnel are trained in testing all types, brands and sizes of fume hoods. Testing consists of a visual inspection of the hood including checking all controls and alarms, face velocities readings to insure proper airflow, and smoke trace testing to insure that the fume hood is working properly. In addition, we can repair and upgrade fume hoods including new monitors, sash sensors, zone presence sensors and other recommendations for optimum operation of the fume hood and energy cost savings when the fume hoods are in use or not in use.

HEPA Filter Banks


We have worked with HEPA filter systems for over 40 years. We can test and certify existing HEPA banks, furnish and install new ones, or upgrade from current ASHRAE efficiency filters.

We also specialize in providing replacement of prefilters and HEPA filters in bag-in/bag-out containment equipment. Our technicians are trained and certified for respirator use as well as in gowning procedures. We can take care of any type of filtration need your facility requires.

HVAC System Surveys


Our team of experienced service technicians can survey your HVAC equipment, including air handlers, exhaust systems, pumps, VAV boxes, dampers, coils, fans and motors, etc. and provide a written report of their condition along with recommendations for repair, maintenance and upgrades so that your equipment is operating at its optimum performance levels. Energy efficiency is a high priority to our company so that our customers have the most efficient operating system for the lowest energy costs while meeting their HVAC needs.

Mechanical Systems Commissioning (NEBB certified)


We are NEBB certified to perform mechanical systems commissioning to insure that the equipment installed in your facility, meets or exceeds the specifications in your design.

Testing, Adjusting & Balancing of Air & Water Systems (NEBB certified)


To be sure that your building's air and water systems are meeting design criteria, we are NEBB certified to perform testing, adjusting & balancing of your air and water systems. Using our calibrated equipment, we check and adjust your equipment for proper air distribution and water flow to insure that your building is working as designed. NEBB certified reports are provided upon completion of work. Repairs or upgrades that are needed can easily be performed by our technicians including replacement of sheaves and belts.

We are also NEBB certified to perform Sound & Vibration analysis of HVAC systems and provide you with a written report of our findings and recommendations to correct any deficiencies found.

USP 797 Compliance for Pharmacies (CNBT certified)


Our service technicians are trained in the guidelines and practices of USP 797 which is becoming more and more prevalent. They can help you develop a monitoring plan for your pharmacy, verify pressure differential, measure air exchanges, perform viable airborne particle testing, perform surface monitoring and analysis of bacteria and fungi, trend the data over time and make recommendations to correct any problems.

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